Observing the sun

Solar disc in visible light

Sun spots

Chromosphere through a LIMICON Halpha filter

Chromosphere through a Coronado PST


Sun in visible light

Pictures below were taken with a Schmidt Cassegrain 8" MEADE LX10 telescope. Telescope is equipped with a  THOUSAND OAKS OPTICAL 1/100000 sun filter. This type of filter allows photosphere observation. Visible features are spots, faculae, and granulations.

Global view

This picture was captured on 04/01/02, with an EPSON 3000Z digital camera, in afocal mode behind a 40mm Super Plössl eyepiece.

Soleil 01/04/02


Rotation evidence

The two pictures below are fragments of sun pictures taken 24 hours one after the other, on 02/14/98 and 02/15/98. You can notice the changing shape of the spots and the the right translation of the spots induced by the sun rotation. The sun has a differential rotation. Rotation period is 25 days at the equator and 35 days near the poles.

Sun 2/14/98
Sun 2/15/98

Sun rotation in a week period (400x400 .GIF format .GIF 740K)

This movie was made from seven pictures dayly captured between 07/14/02 and 07/20/02. Looking at the biggest spot, the sun rotation is about ninety degrrees.

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