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Open clusters



M25 open cluster in Sagittarius

Captured with a Starlight XPress MX5 12 bit CCD camera at focus of a 135 mm photo lens F/2.5
2minutes exposure.

M25 is an open cluster in Sagitarius constellation at a distance of 2000 light-years. This cluster is 20 light-years wide.




M45 Pleiades cluster

Picture captured with a CANON EOS300D digital camera equped with a 400mm lens opened at F/5.6.
8 exposures of 5 minutes at 800 ISO were added (click on picture to enlarge).

M45, also called Pleiades cluster is at a distance of 400 light-years in Taurus constellation. The stars of this cluster are surrounded by a diffuse cocoon made of the remnants of the original nebula in which they were formed 40 millions years ago.


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