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Lunar conjunctions


This evening earthshine was captured on 04/11/2005. A thin crescent was shining just under the Ple´ades cluster (Picture should be turned 90░ to the left).
20 seconds exposure at 400 ISO with a CANON EOS300D digital camera and a 300mm F/5 refractor piggybacked on a MEADE LX200 8" telescope (click to enlarge).

Earthshine near M45 in the evening 04/11/2005



This gibbous moon neigbouring Pleiads was captured in the evening of september 12th 2006. 0.8 s exposure at 800 ISO with a CANON EOS300D digital camera  and a 400mm lens F/5.6 (click to enlarge).

Lunar conjunction with Ple´ads on september 12th 2006



Moon and Venus reflecting in the pond of Saclay (Essonne - France). Picture captured on 09/07/2005 in the evening with a CANON EOS300D digital camera.
6 seconds exposure at 100 ISO with 55mm lens opended at F/5.6 (click to enlarge).

Moon and  Venus 09/07/2005



In the evening of may 14th 2002, moon is moving slowly below Venus, on the left of Mars. These pictures were captured between sunset and dark night near Chevreuse (Yvelines - France). EPSON 3000 camera was placed behind a home made refractor consisiting of SUPER PLÍSSL 40mm eyepiece and a 130mm photographic lens (click to enlarge).

Lunar conjunction with Venus and Mars on may 14th 2002


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