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This animation shows the sun rising over the lunar Alps. It is made of two pictures captured one hour apart on 12/19/2004. Pictures were taken with a Philips Vesta Pro webcam placed at the focus of 8" MEADE LX200 telescope equipped with a 2x Barlow lens (F/D=20).

The longest shadow is casted by the Mont Blanc culminating at 3600m.

Lunar Alps 12/19/2004



Below, a movie made of two pictures of Copernicus crater taken on 03/04/2001 and 03/05/2001 at one day of interval. These pictures were taken with a MEADE ETX90-EC telescope and an EPSON PC3000Z digital camera placed behind a 25mm Super Plössl eyepiece.

Copernic 03/04/2001 & 03/05/2001


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