Automatic sequencer for EOS 300D

Here is "Shutter", a small software very easy to use. It gives you the opportunity to control automatically a shot sequence on CANON EOS300D/350D/10D digital cameras using the interface described below. Shutter command is controled through an RS232 serial port or an USB RS232 serial converter cable. This interface is able to activate signals inputs available on the EOS300D/350D female jack connector. Camera shutter is opened when both extremal contacts of the jack are connected together.



Shutter is written for Windows and has the following appearance :

General instructions

- select connected serial port in Serial Port list box
- select or enter the frame number you wish to capture in Frames
- select or enter in seconds the exposure time in Shutter time
- select or enter the quiescent time between two consecutive shutter activations in Interframe
- if you wish to repeat the sequence corresponding to the number of frames entered in Frames, select the repeat factor in Series  and the quiescent time between series in Interserie
- press Start button to start the shot sequence

Sequence stop

Sequence ends when the selected frame number is reached. It may be interrupted at any time pressing Stop button.


Check Beep if you want a warning beep every time the shutter is activated

Exposure time

Exposure time is contained in Shutter time parameter. The value of this parameter is taken into account only is the EOS is set in BULB mode.
Otherwise you can set one second for this parameter. Keep in mind that the period of the capture cycle must be greater than the exposure time selected on EOS.

Mirror lockup

In case of EOS300D or EOS350D configured in BULB mode with MIRROR LOCKUP option, don't forget to include Mirror lockup time in Shutter time parameter.

In case of EOS10D configured with MIRROR LOCKUP option, you must check 10D Lockup and select on the right side of the check box the duration of the Mirror lockup in seconds. In every frame cycle, the shutter is fisrt activated for one second in order to turn up the mirror. When the selected lockup time has expired the shutter is activated once again and the exposure starts.

Delayed start

If You want to start the sequence at a desired selected time, just check Start at and enter your time.

Progressive exposure time

Both checks Increment and Double give you the opportunity to realize shot sequences with progressive exposure time.
Assuming that T is the value of the Shutter time parameter, checking Increment gives you a serie of consecutive exposure varying as T, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T ...
In case of Double checked, variation of exposure time is T, 2T, 4T, 8T, 16T ...
In case of repeat (Series greater than one), shutter time is reset to T.

Autostart at launch

Argument -autostart in shutter command line, starts automatically the sequence when Shutter is launched and terminates Shutter execution when the sequence completes.

Configuration backup

All selected parameters are saved on disk.



This table gives a list of digital cameras working with Shutter :

Reference Interface
CANON EOS300D compatible
CANON EOS350D compatible
CANON EOS400D compatible
CANON EOS10D specific
SONY DSLR-A100 specific

compatible = works with interface on top of this page
specific = needs adaptation of a remote manual switch


download shutter software

Shutter is also available in "pocket" standalone version

If you need a sequencer with control of every capture setting, click here

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