Saturn occultation - november 3rd 2001

Pictures on this page were taken in Saclay near Paris.

Equipment used for photography was composed of a MEADE ETX 90-EC telescope, a 40 mm Super Plössl eyepiece and an EPSON PC3000Z digital camera with zoom set on 3x magnification.

The beginning of the show

Saturn is slowly crossing the iridescence of the moon halo and is getting closer to the lunar disk.



Immersion begins at 21H58 local time. On minute and a half elapse between the first contact of the rings and the full immersion. Exposure time reqiured for Saturn visibility induced complete staturation of the lunar disk.

Immersion 1 Immersion 2
Immersion 3 Immersion 4

Immersion movie(400x300 GIF format 348K)

One minute between consecutive frames.


One hour later, emergence occurs at 22H59 local time. As if by magic, Saturns emerges from the dark lunar limb, beneath Mare Crisium.

Emergence 1 Emergence 2
Emergence 3 Emergence 4

Emergence movie (300x400 GIF format 421K)

30 seconds between consecutive frames.

The end of an unforgettable show

Carrying on its way through the sky, Saturn is moving away from the lunar disk.


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