Saturn occultation - march 2nd 2007

Pictures on this page were captured from Orsay near Paris.

Equipment is composed of  a Pocket Shutter and  a CANON EOS300D digital camera at prime focus of  a MEADE LX200 8" telescope opened at F/10.

At 2H47 UT, Saturn is sinking in the dark lunar limb.

10 minutes avant l'immersion


At 3H04 UT, Saturn is leaving the bright limb.

10 minutes avant l'immersion

Movie of the occultation (886x640 XviD MPEG-4 compression  632K)

Movie of the occultation with Zoom x 2 (512x512 XviD MPEG-4compression 440K)

Both movies are accelerated 100 times. Frames were captured 10 seconds apart with Pocket Shutter between 2H33 UT and 3H15 UT.

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