Leonids meteor shower 19-20 november 2002

Pictures of this page were captured in Vaucluse (France) near Sault village in the night from 19th to 20th november 2002.

Here is a view upon the observation site under the moonlight. The altitude is about 1000m and the température is nearly 0°C. Standing on the edge of a lavender field, we are observing the sky (60 sec exposure with CASIO QV 4000 difital camera)

The observation site


This leonid was captured under Ursa Major constellation at about 2H00 local time (exposure of 8 seconds taken with an EPSON PC3000Z digital camera at 400 ISO sensitivity). On the lower part, haze is reflecting moonlight.

Léonide sous la grande Ourse


This picture is a combination of 4 exposures of 8 seconds taken with an EPSON PC3000Z digital camera at 400 ISO sensitivity. At least 5 Leonid streaks are visible in Orion constellation. This streaks occured during the peak of activity at about 5H00 local time. Light on the bottom right is a result of the full moon glowing in the night.

Leonids in Orion constellation


Picture below is a detailed view of the sreak located on top right of the previous picture. This detailed view shows the meteor colour changing from green to red along the trajectory.

Detail of a streak


Here is an 8 seconds exposure captured with an EPSON PC3000Z digital camera at 400 ISO sensitivity. This picture shows a Leonid streak with smoke under Orion constellation.

Streak with smoke under Orion constellation


This array shows 20 minutes of evolution of a smoke streak caused by a very bright meteor at about 6H00 local time. Unfortunately, I was not able to capture this noticeable meteor passing in front of Canis Major constellation. These pictures are fragments of 60 seconds exposures taken with a CASIO QV4000 digital camera.

6H10 6H17 6H23
  6H25 6H33


The 2002 Leonids night ends with the bright Venus rising ....

Venus rising after Leonids shower


And then, the moon vanishing at 7H30 ....

Moon down after Leonids shower


And finally the sun rising over the mountains of Luberon at 8H30.

Sun rising after Leonids shower

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