Lunar eclipse 11-09-2003

Pictures on this page were captured in France from Péronne (Somme). A full clear sky gave me the opportunity to observe this lunar eclipse from end to end.

Equipment used for photography was composed of a MEADE LX200 8" telescope equipped with a 6.3 focal reducer and a CASIO QV4000 digital camera placed in afocal mode behind a 40 mm Super Plössl eyepiece.

Moon enters earth shadow at ŕ 0H33 local time (UT+1).

Moon entering shadow


At 1H10 local time, the lunar disk is half masked by earth shadow.

Half occultation


The eclipse is total at 2H08 local time. This 21 minutes long eclipse occurs near the edge of the shadow cone inducing enhanced lightning of the lower left limb.Exposure duration is 2 seconds.

Total eclipse


A this time the weak light of the eclipsed moon gives the opportunity to admire the beauty of the neigbouring constellations.
Combination of two exposures of 4 and 8 secondes captured with an EPSON PC3000Z digital camera (click to enlarge).

Moon in stars


At 3H30 the lunar disk is still half masked.

Half occultation


At 4H04 the moon exits the eart shadow. The shadow crossing duration is 2H30.

Moon exiting shadow


Each of the three moon pictures below have been placed according to the displacements of the Moon and the shadow cone during the eclipse. The elapsed time between the left and right views is 155 minutes. The moon crosses the earth shadow near its lower limit from the right to the left
This view set gives a good appreciation of the ratio between moon diameter and earth shadow diameter.

Click on this picture to get a full representation of earth shadow.

Earth and Moon diameter comparison


Eclipse movie (560x420 GIF format 882K)

During partial eclipse, pictures were captured every 5 minutes.


This movie made of two pictures shows the Moon rotation between first and last contact with earth shadow. This rotation is a parallactic effect resulting from Earth rotation. Time elapsed between the two pictures is 3 hours and 45 minutes.

East-west libration during the eclipse


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