Lunar eclipse 05-16-2003

Pictures on this page were captured in France between les Moličres and Limours (Essonne). Unfortunately a cloudy layer coming from west masked the observation as one third of the moon had entered into earth shadow.

Equipment used for photography was composed of a MEADE LX10 8" telescope equipped with a 6.3 focal reducer and a CASIO QV4000 digital camera placed in afocal mode behind a 40 mm Super Plössl eyepiece.

Moon enters earth shadow at 4H03 local time (UT+2). This picture is captured 30 minutes later.

Moon entering into shadow

Movie of the moon entering into earth shadow (640x480 .GIF format 381K)

This movie showing the shadow boarder progressing over lunar disk ends with the arrival of clouds. It is composed of 5 pictures captured on the basis of on picture every 4 minutes.


Totality begins at 5H14 local time (UT+2) in early daylight as the moon is less than 8 degrees over the horizon. The sky is very cloudy and the moon appears slightly between clouds. This 30 seconds exposure was captured 20 minutes after the beginning of totality.



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